Brick Plugs with Seals

78.60 (Excluding vat 63.90)

These ULTRA Brick Plugs come complete with ULTRA Seals pre applied to save time on basement waterproofing contracts. The ULTRA Brick Plug and ULTRA Seals are used to install cavity drain membrane to walls; plug heads have a preformed hole for a woodscrew for securing timber battens.

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Product Description

ULTRA Brick Plugs complete with waterproof ULTRA Seals – Qty 100 – Plug Size 10mm x 75mm.

A corrosion resistant membrane fixing plug. The plug is a friction fit and is installed into a sound substrate by driving into a 10mm diameter pre-drilled hole.  The head diameter is 35mm and has a preformed hole for a 2″ size 10 woodscrew for securing timber battens.  (2″ size 10 screws).

The plugs include a watertight sealing washer already attached to the plug.


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