Nvirobor 10 Wood Preservative 1 Litre

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Nvirobor 10 is a ready-to use boron-based wood preservative suitable for the eradication of wood boring insects and the prevention of fungal decay in sound timbers following the removal of sources of moisture.

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Product Description

Wood Preservative:

Nvirobor 10 1 Litre Ready to Use Wood Preservative.

This is a Boron based product designed to treat timbers against Dry Rot/ Wet Rot and Woodworm (wood boring insects) and for the prevention of fungal decay in sound timbers following the removal of sources of moisture.

Nvirobor 10 may be used in conjunction with Nvirobor 20 Gel as part of an eradication treatment against fungal decay.

All existing paint, varnishes or other coatings must be removed before applying Nvirobor 10.

Nvirobor 10 can also be used to prevent slime, mould, algae, insect and wood rot attack on teak decks, external decking and wood furniture.  Wash surfaces until clean, allow to dry until just damp and apply Nvirobor 10 by brush or course sprayer.  A second coat can be applied where required.

  •     Excellent penetration.  Protects against wet and dry rot and wood boring insects
  •     Approved under COPR 1986 for use as a wood preservative
  •     Low environmental hazard
  •     Can be spray and brush applied
  •     Non-staining
  •     Low odour
  •     Non-flammable

Coverage:  By brush/spray: 1 Litre to 4m2

For advice & information please contact our sales team on 052-612 8454 or 01- 234 0048 or email: info@acornltd.ie

Professional use only. For use only as a Wood Preservative.

This product is approved under The Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 (as amended) for use as directed.  HSE No. 8473

Use only as described on the label.

Where Dry Rot has affected masonry/concrete/soil floors it is recommended to treat such areas with Nvirol Masonry Biocide.

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