NVirol Mould Control Kit

43.79 (Excluding vat 35.60)

N-Virol Mould Control Kit eradicates and prevents mould forming. Suitable for use on walls, ceilings, skirting boards, window revels, uPVC window / door frames.

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Product Description


Contents of Mould Control Kit:

1x 1 Litre Nvirol Sterilisation Spray.  Will sterilise an area over 10m2.

2x 100ml Nvirol Anti-Mould Additive.  This can be added to standard emulsion paint, solvent based paint, wallpaper paste and grout.

1x Pair of safety goggles.

2x Pair of disposable gloves.

1x Disposable Face Mask.

1 x Sterilising sponge.


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