ProCare W.Z Boracol 40cc Paste (Rot & Woodworm)

38.74 (Excluding vat 31.50)

Procare W.Z Boracol 40cc Paste is a specialised Dry rot and Wet rot treatment designed for use on embedded timbers to eradicate fungal attack and protection against fungal and insect attack. This paste is either implanted or injected into pre-drilled holes to prevent attack.

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Product Description

Boracol 40 Paste is an amber coloured gel of 40% Disodium octaborate tetrahydrate in ethylene glycol.
For use as a treatment for in-situ building timbers to eradicate fungal attack and preserve
against attack from both fungi and wood boring insects.

It is of major importance as an implanted preservative in pre-drilled holes, in embedded damp timbers
and as an integral part of any joist-end protection system, where it is used in conjunction with Boron


Benefits Include:

  • Insecticide/Fungicide
  • Ready for use
  • Practically odourless
  • Non-flammable
  • Deep penetration into timber, including heartwood
  • Very low vapour pressure
  • Wider spectrum of activity than conventional preservatives



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