ProCare W.Z Insecticide (Woodworm) Treatment

73.36 (Excluding vat 59.64)

ProCare W.Z Insecticide is a highly concentrated treatment solution for Woodworm and wood boring insects. This product contains Permethrin as it's main active ingredient and is fully HSE approved.

Product Description

ProCare W.Z Insecticide kills Woodworm and protects wood from future infestations.


Dilution rate with water:

150g: 25 litre of solution



  • Kills Woodworm/wood boring insects
  • Virtually odourless
  • HSE approved
  • Contains Permethrin
  • 1-hour re-entry
  • 150g bottle dilutes with water to make 25 litres of solution
  • Solvent-free



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