ProCare W.Z Masonry Biocide

66.29 (Excluding vat 53.89)

ProCare W.Z Masonry Biocide is a super concentrated Dry rot solution with improved penetration levels. It is a fungicide designed to eradicate Dry rot from masonry and soil.


Product Description

Woodzone Masonry Biocide is a fungicide based on 3-Iodo-2-PropynylButyl-Carbonate.

It is supplied in a small 160 gm plastic container which dilutes with water to make 25 litres of solution.

160g: 25 litres

It is designed to eradicate the Dry Rot fungus from masonry & soil by low-pressure
non-atomised spray to refusal on the affected surfaces & by irrigation via
holes drilled into walls or floors.


  • Super concentrate (160gms makes 25 litres)
  •  Good penetration
  • Fully solvent free technology
  • No VOC’s
  • Non-flammable
  • Significant reduction in plastic & paper waste
  • Virtually no odour


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