TD-160/100 NT SILENT Mixed Flow Inline Fan – 100mm

162.94 (Excluding vat 132.47)

TD-160/100 N ‘T’ SILENT (230V50HZ)

Product Code: TD-160/100 NT SILENT
  • Low profile casing
  • Suitable for longer duct runs and higher pressure applications
  • Two-speed motor
  • Built-in mounting frame with quick-release motor clips

Product Description

Model 160 
  • Low profile “Mixed-flow” fan with sound-absorbent insulation.
  • Extremely quiet due to an internal skin to direct the sound waves at the right angle for them to be captured by the sound-absorbent material.
  • Connection box can be rotated 360º, to facilitate easy connection of the power cable.


Speed controllable 230V-50Hz motor, of two-speed motors. IP44.
Motors are class B, with ball bearings and safety thermal overload protection.
(1) Except for the TD-160 SILENT, that is fitted with the special floating motor system patented by S&P.

TD-SILENT-T models


TD-SILENT versions fitted with a run-on-timer adjustable within 1 and 30 minutes and one-speed motor not suitable for speed control.













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