Timberwyse Water Repellent/Wood Preserver 5ltr

62.93 (Excluding vat 51.16)

Timberwyse Water Repellent is suitable for various timber surfaces and provides an invisible coating to help preserve and protect wood.

This will ultimately prolong the life of the treated material.

It provides a visible beading effect to demonstrate the performance of the product by preventing water from penetrating the surface.


Product Description

Wood Preserver :

• Protects and preserves timber from the effects of rainwater and weathering
• Leaves an invisible waterproof barrier
• Suitable for fence panels, decking, outbuildings, furniture, cladding and shingle
• Treatment can last up to 15 years without reapplication
• No harmful biocides
• Use all year round
• Ready to use

Covers approximately 50m2

Available in 5 Litre containers

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