Toptank Tanking slurry 25kg

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A BBA Certified premium tanking slurry which when mixed with water forms an extremely durable waterproof coating for concrete and masonry. Waterproofs basements, cellars, foundations, tunnels, floors and walls including shower and bathroom areas. Applied by brush, spray or trowel and is water vapour permeable. Interior and exterior use above and below ground.

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Product Description

Toptank is a premium tanking slurry which, when mixed with clean
water, forms an extremely durable waterproof coating for concrete & masonry which
is easily applied by a stiff hand brush, broom or spray. Available in grey or white. Both
products may be covered with a decorative finish. Walls can be left uncovered but
on floors, it cannot be left as the final finish. Waterproofing basement walls & floors
not subject to severe water pressure. For severe pressure use the Biokil Crown Epoxy
system or Biokil Crown Cavity Drainage system
Benefits of Toptank
• Resists positive & negative water pressure.
• Suitable for interior & exterior use, above & below ground level.
• Water vapour permeable.
• High bond strength becomes an integral part of the substrate.
• To be mixed with clean water only.
• Can be brushed, spray or trowel applied.
• Is applied onto a damp substrate.
• Equipment to be cleaned simply with water.
• Solvent-free.
• Agrément Certificate 17/5444
Typical Applications/Waterproofing of:
• Basements and cellars.
• Foundations.
• Tunnels.
• Floors & walls in shower & bathroom areas prior to the application of a decorative finish.
• Swimming Pools
• Walls & Floors (but must not be left as a final finish for floors).
Substrate Preparation
Before application, all surfaces must be clean, sound & free from previous coatings & surface water. Prepare
the areas to be treated by fully exposing the substrate. This is best achieved by Grit Blasting. Scrabbling or
bush hammering can result in a compressed surface covering that will permit delamination. Once the surface
has been prepared it should be wire brushed and pressure washed to remove any remaining dust. For
application to floors, the floor screed must be removed, down to the original slab. The slab must have
structural integrity & not have any cracks. Ensure there is no surface water to the area due to hydrostatic
pressure penetrating the substrate. For walls showing evidence of efflorescent salts (white crystals) Salt Neutraliser Code 148 should be used.
Rake out mortar joints to a minimum depth of 12 mm before pressure washing the whole area.
Apply a bonding coat of SBR slurry consisting of 1 part SBR : 1 part water mixed
with fresh sulphate resistant cement to a creamy consistency. Brush thinly over the walls & render whilst still
tacky. If any area dries, apply a further coat of Biokil Crown SBR slurry.


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