EcoWyse – Mould Spray 1 Litre

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Mould Spray for surfaces which removes grime stains caused by mould due to condensation.

Ideally,  you should apply an anti-mould paint or water-based paint with an anti-mould additive stirred in to ensure that the mould does not return after killing mould spores.

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Product Description

Mould Spray:

  • 1 Litre bottle of Mould Spray, ready to use with a spray attachment.
  • No harmful biocides
  • Contains organic, natural ingredients
  • Removes stains and grime caused by black mould while getting to the root of the problem

You can use this mould spray in the following areas:

  • Ideal for cleaning walls and ceilings before painting
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen

Coverage: 1 Litre will treat up to 10m²


First of all, apply Mould Spray onto the affected areas evenly and leave for 10-15 minutes.

It is also advised to spray 300mm around the affected area to ensure the area is cleaned thoroughly.

Ensure you wipe off lightly with a suitable sponge to remove any remaining residue.

Finally, allow drying for 24 hours before painting over.


Ensure the area is well ventilated before use. Wear relevant personal protective equipment (mask, gloves, safety goggles etc)


In addition, after treatment, use Mouldwyse Paint Additive to prevent stains and grime from reoccurring as a result of mould due to condensation.

Patiowyse Data Sheet


If you would like advice on the best product to use please call us on 052 612 8454 / 01 234 0048

1 review for EcoWyse – Mould Spray 1 Litre

  1. Sam

    Love this product. As a landlord, I have tried everything on the market over the past few years to remove mould in my properties and I wouldn’t go passed this one. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to remove mould from their walls or ceilings.

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