ULTRA 20 Basement Membrane 40M²

566.11 (Excluding vat 460.25)

ULTRA 8 Basement Tanking Membrane is designed for use on basement walls and basement floors.

This basement waterproofing membrane leaves an impermeable waterproof surface, enabling dry-wall lining on studs & direct laying of floors. When rolled out, it is transparent so that the substrate can be seen which allows the installation of ULTRA Brick Plugs and Seals much easier.

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Product Description

Due to the stud depth of ULTRA 20 Membrane, it is has the highest drainage capacity in the ULTRA Membrane range of 14 litre / m². Load bearing: 180kN/m²

Once installed, ULTRA 20 Membrane leaves an impermeable waterproof surface that permits direct laying of floors and screeds.

When installing ULTRA Membranes in basements or below ground structures, appropriate drainage and/or pumping systems should be used.


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