ULTRA 3 Mesh Membrane 10m2

178.72 (Excluding vat 145.30)

ULTRA 3 Mesh Damp Proofing Membrane for damp proof course or in basement waterproofing applications.

Prevents damp from reaching the finished surface (e.g. Wallpaper, Plasterwork,  etc) and stops migrating salts.

Roll size 10m² (1m x 20m). High-quality HDPE cavity drain membrane with 3mm stud.


Product Description

Membrane Benefits:

Mesh membrane creates a dry and habitable living space in areas
previously suffering from damp/wet conditions.

• Quick to install – Minimal preparation needed to wall
surfaces, avoiding mess, saving time and money.
• Little to no damage to existing structure.
• Easy to bend and cut with scissors to form around
windows, doors, services etc.
• Accepts direct plaster finish, render, dot & dab.
• Waterproof, salt resistant, root resistant, contaminant
• Low and High-temperature tolerance.

10m² (roll size 2mtr x 5mtrs).

High-quality HDPE cavity drain membrane with 3mm stud. This product has a welded mesh face for direct and immediate application of plaster finishes.

For use in damp proofing above ground or as part of a Type C waterproofing system with drainage in basements where space is at a premium.


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